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Public relation Dept.
+886(0) 7 - 5218016 #234
Guided Tour Reservation Guidelines ※ This service is only available for reservation 7 days before the visiting date.
Details ※ To ensure tour quality, if the number of group members exceeds the maximum limit, please divide into sub-groups and plan your visits accordingly respectively; if all tour sessions are full for the day, please reschedule for another date.

Minimum group size of 10 people, up to a maximum of 30. A professional guided tour of the venue can be provided. (For groups smaller than 10 people, the fee will be calculated as 10 people)

Sessions ※ Reservations will not be accepted if all sessions during the day are full.

Monday to Friday, 14:00 and 17:00. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Fee ※ This service is only available for reservation 7 days before the visiting date.

Mandarin tour: NT$100/person, English tour: NT$150/person.

Reservation method

Please make an reservation online 7 days before the scheduled visiting date.

Registration and gathering

Please gather at the service counter on the first floor of Wave Tower 15 minutes before the tour starts to complete your registration. Showing up 15 minutes later than the beginning of the tour is regarded as cancellation of your reservation and payment will not be refunded.

Reservation procedures

1. After filling out the online application form, please wait for our staff’s confirmation by phone or email. (If no reply is received after 3 business days, please contact us at 07-521-8016#234.)
2. The group reserving should complete payment remittance within 3 business days after receiving the confirmation letter, and email the Center within one day after payment remittance with the remittance information (including the remitter’s name, amount, and the last 5 digits of the remitting account).
3. Reservation of guided tour will be successfully booked after completion of the above procedures.

Cancellation/Rescheduling of reserved guided tour

After making the payment, if you are unable to join the guided tour as scheduled, please call or email us within 7 business days before the tour. Refunds can be arranged in accordance with the following regulations. The following procedures must be confirmed by a designated person to complete any changes or cancellations.

1. If the cancellation is made 7 business days before the day of the scheduled guided tour, 50% of the tour fee will be refunded (remittance service fee shall be paid by the payee); no payment will be refunded for cancellations at other times.
2. Cancellation on the scheduled day or without notice will not be refunded.
3. If the guided tour cannot proceed because of rain, the pre-paid payment may be reserved for the next application period after confirming with our staff.
4. In cases of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and other factors that cannot be prevented (based on the local city/county government announcement of school and work disruption), full refund or rescheduling of guided tour can be arranged.
5. Refunds will be made solely by bank transfer, completed within 7 days, and the applying group will be informed by email.